Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Beware! Coffee Drinkers Allergic to Caffeine!

Decaf coffee drinkers who are allergic to caffeine! Beware!

Just read from a Reuters report that the decaf coffee which
some outlets sell may not be totally decaffeinated! Don't
believe? Read the aticle here!

Scary isn't it??? Especially if you are addicted to coffee and
at the same time allergic to caffeine... can't imagine what the
outcome will be...

For me, coffee is a must-have-morning-cuppa-routine-else-
engine-can't-start-kinda-guy... but good thing I'm not allergic
so phew!

Hmmm.. so set me thinking - perhaps someone should invent
a handy pocket caffeine-tester so that those of us coffee drinkers
who are allergic to coffee can always do a dip test to confirm our
cuppa is truly caffeine-free! Or is there such a device already??

By the way, do you know how coffee is decaffeinated?
According to what I researched, it is quite a laborious process.
Starts off with soaking the coffee bean in some specially-formulated
solution that is designed to absorb as much of the caffeine from the
bean. The bean is then removed from the solution. The caffeine-
soaked solution is then processed to remove just the caffeine. The
beans are then soaked into the now-caffeine-free solution to re-
absorb all the other "I-dun-know-what-else" stuffs that is left in
the solution. Ta-da, now you have de-caffeinated coffee!!! ;~)

So now you know! Go ahead, go impress someone with this knowledge!!!

Blue skies to you and your loved ones... always!


Melissa said...

Didn't know you like coffee. UOB Signature Card offers complimentary coffee at TCC on weekends.

KayCee said...

I don't... just like coffee! It's my fuel for my mornings, lubricant for my afternoons... and, ... for my evenings!!! Err, didn't sign up for signature card, but then again, very seldom hang out at coffee joints. Tks for informing, anywayz... do you do coffee?

Melissa said...

Coffee is nice, I prefer tea, especially earl grey :)

KayCee said...

Ahh... earl grey! I can just smell the fragrant oils... the aroma of the exotic oils that gives earl grey the distinctive smell and taste! I did that for a period...

and so i know why you're into E.G.T